Promando’s unique recruitment method, that combines the best from traditional recruitment and from Executive Search.

At Promando we work with our own sourcing process called Promando MultichannelSourcing.

Promando MultichannelSourcing takes the best from a traditional recruitment and from Executive Search. In short, it is a method in which we identify suitable candidates through a number of different channels simultaneously. The process is optimized by a very close collaboration between Rearcher and Consultant at Promando; all candidates are continuously evaluated individually against our Promando JobProfil.

We use the necessary resources to ensure a deep and accurate understanding of what a concrete position contains at a detailed level and to understand what must be present for the employee's personal success in the job. Here we use our skills model. Our special Job Profile is a multi-page detailed description of the position containing both hard and soft goals.

At the core of our business, across our services, is the combination of our deep knowledge of Search and Recruitment as consolidated in our Promando MultichannelSourcing tool, and in our 25 years of experience in HR as consolidated in our Promando JobProfil method. Our approach to the market makes a difference in quality and speed.